Friday, 24 February 2012

Baby elephant for a baby boy

My sweet, darling little nephew was born last week. 11 days late. And let me tell you, that extra week and a half in the oven really made him smushy. His hands are the same size as my 7 month olds. And his feet? He'll be running by next month, most likely. He was 23 inches long. Yowza. Basically, he was a baby elephant. My poor, tiny little sister in law, with her 5 foot 3 inch frame and a baby elephant inside.

So, for the baby shower that we had last night, this cake seemed a fitting one. He really is a sweet little bundle. Happy birthday baby boy!

This cake was made with my classic chocolate cake recipe, the one I love and use for everything. You can find it here, just omit the lime.

I used a standard chocolate buttercream and added some orange, and covered it in fondant. The store bought kind -hello Wilton, thank you for making my life easier. If you want a fondanting tutorial, just give a shout out and we can do one with pics. I did this one solo, and it's hard to take pictures of yourself fondanting when you only have two hands.


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