Thursday, 8 December 2011

Peppermint hot chocolate soft serve ice cream

I am crazy for ice cream.  Like,  the song should go, "I scream, I scream, I scream for ice cream." Never mind everyone else. Actually, my sisters could be included in that. Not a visit with each other goes by without a trip to the store searching for the best ice cream we can find.

If I ask my husband what kind of ice cream we have in the freezer, and he replies, "vanilla", I tell him that doesn't count.  Don't get me wrong, vanilla is great with things, but on it's own, it just doesn't excite me.  So, last night, after my husband rolled his eyes at me (because he insists that vanilla ice cream is still ice cream), I decided that instead of getting out of my pajamas and venturing to the store, I would try and turn that ol' vanilla into qualifiable ice cream. 

Since it is Christmas time, and it is morally wrong to use flavors that are not reminiscent of the season, I got out the two things that I have been living off of lately.  Hot chocolate powder, and peppermint coffee creamer.  I threw it together, whipped it up, and voila. The perfect remedy. Peppermint hot chocolate ice cream. (of course since I beat it with my hand mixer, it turned it creamy, like soft-serve).

Want to make some of your own? Well, here you go:

2 cups vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup hot chocolate powder
2 Tbsp. peppermint coffee creamer
1 candy cane (optional)

Throw the whole shebang into a bowl, and beat with a hand mixer. Put it in your favourite christmasy bowl, and top with candy cane bits. (which I like to put in a sandwich baggie, and whack it with a rolling pin).

Eat it. All of it. And be happy......cuz you will be.


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